Icing on the Cake

I'm feeling like I can't keep up with anything lately. I am currently suffering through impending uni doom. My parents come home from Japan next week and I'm hoping bringing all my stuff back home will bring some normalcy. I have 41 letters in my pile to reply to, some of them becoming pretty overdue. Each letter has something so special and beautiful about it and thus I really can't bring myself to just sit down and churn out letter after letter in one sitting; they each deserve an equal amount of time, effort and appreciation. I hate the idea of writing a bunch of messy generic impersonal replies. If you're waiting on a letter from me, thank you so much for your patience - I can only hope my late letters will be worth the wait when they arrive!


^ I bought three of these babies from one of my favourite zine writer's Etsy shop - Alex Wreck's Brainscan. I'm not sure who I'm going to share them with yet, but I love them so!

^ A sweet little package from Greta in Lithuania. The postcards were particularly fetching.

^ A grandiose letter from Sarah in South Aus.

^ This envelope beheld a bunch of awesome things. From the very sweet miss Olivia in Montreal. I can't wait to use the 'Bonjour! Je m'appelle' labels.

^ My first letter from Miss Jane Boston and every bit of it was excellent. She included a back issue of her zine Stab Heart, which served as a wonderful introduction to her. She also included a print out of a survey to fill in - I hope she doesn't mind me posting it here, I just thought it was the most wonderful thing to include and I can't wait to fill it out;

^ Click on the images to see them bigger.

^ My first, very sweet letter from Rashel. I can't wait to reply.

^ An awesome little package from Garci filled with goodies. She won my first giveaway and her letter and envelope were covered with stamps I sent her. The vintage stationery she used is so gorgeous.

^ A very sweet handmade birthday card from Ria. Thank you Ria!

^ A brilliant little envelope and letter from Nicola.

^ I purchased some cute postcards from Diana of Our City Lights' Etsy store and she threw in SO MANY sweet goodies. Good mail is such a mood lifter. Even her invoice was so pretty! I highly recommend purchasing her wares - the postcards are fantastic.

And last but not least, Elissa the haiku queen sent me yet another indescribably incredible package, this time as I was a winner in her recent giveaway. Check this stuff;

^ Never ending huh? :D I've been wearing the paper crane necklace and the paper plane brooch every day.

And that's all the mail I received this week! Phew!

I stayed up until 4am the night before last clicking through the amazing posts in these two blogs. I love it when a blog just hooks you from reading a single post. Amazing ladies;

I just purchased these beauties from Vividot. I had her shop open in my browser for days, trying to choose. There are really too many beautiful designs in her shop and way too reasonably priced. I'll definitely be back;

^ Purple bike lane hair clips and Lavender primrose ring.

I've also got my eyes on these;

FYI; The giveaway winners have been drawn - but my camera's batteries are dead and my charger is at my parents', so I can't announce it just yet as I did a funny little photographed drawing names out of a bag exercise. Stay tooned! I can't wait to announce the winners.