Favourite Etsy Mail Finds #1

I have two big assignments due tomorrow but I'm sick and I'm considering just emailing my lecturers, exaggerating my ills and then following it up with a medical certificate from my doctor who hands them out like candy. Here are a bunch of Etsy goodies I have my eye on;

1. Post Script; a zine about postcards that IS a postcard 2. Lego Postman Earrings 3. Airmail Postcards 4. Mini Book and Letter Hybrid 5. Postal Love Magnet Set of 3 6. Ilona Art Postcard Collection 7. Mailing Labels and Stickers 8. Vintage Postmark and Postage Stamp Buttons

9. Envelope Mail Sorter 10. Flying Airmail Envelope Set 11. The Postcard Reclamation Project Postcard Set 12. Vintage Style Cavallini & Co Airmail Stickers 13. Atlas Map Envelopes 14. Hand Lettered Air Mail Envelope Seals

15. Recycled 45 Record Mail Sorter 16. Vintage Household Labels 17. Hey Mr Postman Coasters 18. Wooden Stamp Set 19. Air Mail Stickers Mega Pack 20. Postman Paper Doll

21. Mail Odds & Ends 22. Flight Notecards 23. Airmail Label Notecard Set 24. Airmail Hand Carved Rubber Stamp 25. How To Send A Letter Zine 26. Airmail Pendant

PLUS check these out. I reaaaaaaally want a pair. I think they were only a prototype but I really hope they released them;

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