Apologies for the lack of posts - I'm darting back and forth between my house and my parents' house where I'm babysitting overseeing my sister and step siblings for two weeks until my parents return from Japan. Here are a few quick pictures I took of the town on my walk;

^ Home to the Dungog Film Festival.

^ There was a tractor driving down the main street and I laughed.

My sister and I were playing with the settings on my camera a few nights ago and made some pretty pictures with a lighter and a torch in the dark;


^ My Benevolent Postcard Society incoming for this month, from my own state! I love these Courtney Brims postcards, I think I'll have to buy some for myself sometime.

^ A wonderful first letter from Angelia. Wonderful stationery.

^ I am very fond items of mail from this lady. I love the style of her envelopes.


^ A postcard order to Linsey. Envelope made from a vampire book.

^ A birthday card for my Grandma :P

^ A postcard order for Sharon.

^ A postcard order for Megan. Envelope made from my postcard collage printed onto card.

For the rest of the day I'll be trying to convince myself to do some uni work (uni goes back tomorrow, boo). I left all of my letters in Dungog in a big bag and drove my mum's car back home and now all I feel like doing is writing letters.

Happy weekend! :)