Mushab00m Bazaar Postcards Giveaway

Remember this collage? I got a hundred postcards printed of the design and they arrived today in a big pack;

There's a bit of white space around the edges of the image, but other than that I'm pretty happy with them. Glossy-front, 100% recycled paper and with an address sticker graphic printed on the back. I got them printed through Vistaprint and they took about three weeks to arrive. I just listed them in my new Etsy store; $5 for a pack of 5 or $1.50 each, if you like 'em! I've only listed 5 of each, but I'll definitely put more up if you're interested :) I've only put those two listings up so far but I've got a few other things (stationery, stickers, zines etc) that I'm thinking about putting up there too. Thank you so much for your encouragement on previous posts regarding selling my wares! I really appreciate it :)

^ Yeah I totally stole my own graphic for the store header :P

To celebrate the opening of this little Etsy store - Mushab00m Bazaar - here is a teeny tiny giveaway offering for you;
Giveaway includes; one pack of 5 postcards, to two winners; lovingly packaged in brown paper and bakers twine and in a personally decorated package with a letter from yours truly.

To enter;

Drop a comment right here and tell me - If you were to write a postcard to a celebrity, who would it be to and what might you say? To someone you like or someone you don't like? Something nice or something mean? Somebody current or somebody from the past? Interpret it as you will!

You're welcome to tweet or blog about this giveaway for an extra entry (in another comment) but it's by no means obligatory. Just make sure there's a way to contact you! :)

Anyone is welcome to enter and I will draw the winners randomly at midday on Saturday 17th of April. Good luck and thank you! :)

Funnily enough this coincides with my 200th post and hitting 200 followers, celebrations all round :P