25 Yards

^ andy clymer.

Some lovely giveaways I've seen lately;
+ Biscuit's 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead' giveaway (ends 10th April)
+ Seablanket's April Showers giveaway (ends today at midday!)
+ Make Do and Mend's 100 followers giveaway (ends 14th April)
+ The Tea Children's 100th blog post giveaway (ends 13th April)
+ Cupcake Couture's Lisa & Jo stationery giveaway (ends 25the April)
+ The Perfect Compilation Tape's 'I Should Stop Whining And Be Thankful I Am Alive' giveaway (ends 9th April)
+ Coelho Culture's Happy Tape giveaway (ends 12th April)
+ Inside Of My Purse's 250+ followers giveaway (ends 23rd April)
+ Eww It's Nikki's 150 Mega giveaway (ends 18th April)
+ The Pink Hearted Princess' 100 follower giveaway (ends 31st May)
+ I Fly Like A Bird's stationery giveaway (ends 14th April)
+ That Unreliable Girl's Jordan Clarke card giveaway (ends 11th April)
+ January Wish's new art giveaway (ends 17th April)
+ Inkling's Oh Henry necklace giveaway (ends 12th April)
+ Roxy Shops' Sara Keyes necklace giveaway (ends 18th April)
+ Lilly Ella's Bagatelles & Co purse giveaway (ends 11th April)
+ Etsy It Up's Marie's Cottage notecards giveaway (ends 8th April)

So many beautiful April giveaways! If you enter all of the above the chances of winning something are fairly high, so sign yourself up!


^ In my last letter to Melinda I requested something she got for free, so she made this envelope from things she got for free. It looks fab! She also writes a great letter.

^ A beautiful little letter from Bella in QLD. She mentioned that she may be one of my youngest penpals/readers at 14 years old. I love that she included the note on the back that says 'Here is some tea for you to drink while reading this letter' (and I did drink some), maybe I'll drink the rest while writing my reply! I love the tiny squishy little doll she included too.

^ I purchased 25 yards of bakers twine cheap from California Craft's Etsy store last week and it arrived today. I am going to use any excuse to tie things up with this stuff. So pretty!

I'm developing a big Etsy purchasing obsession lately; too many gorgeous handmade cheap things! If you've not bought from Etsy before I definitely recommend it - I am more than happy to hand over my dollars to an Etsy seller than a corporation.


^ C asked me to help make the packaging for a mix cd he was sending to a lady in the USA. I love printing on cds.

I went to help my brother with some moving today (he's moving back to the country town where we both went to high school, with his wife and baby) and this is what I wore;

^ So far it's been just cool enough to wear the coat, but it generally gets too warm during the day and I have to take it off. I'll probably get sick of wearing it once I get to chilly Tasmania in July; + Hand-me-down long polka dot dress, red Portland shoes, Romeo leather bag and C's fluffy handmade beanie he picked up in Tasmania (and has never worn because I always steal it).

There is some cool graffiti around our neighbourhood that I've wanted to photograph for a while, so C snapped me with some of it yesterday;

^ I'm so pale!

Stay tuned for next post, there's a tiny giveaway in the works!