Par Avion

^ Ink dropped in water; Alberto Seveso.

Stuck in my head
: Knickerbocker - Fujiya & Miyagi
Watching: Mad Men
Devouring: Pumpkin soup and buttery bread
Sipping: Hot chocolate
Temperature: 11°C/52°F (it's 4°C in Launceston!)
Time: 1:57am *yaaaaawn*

Some things my mail box has been lucky enough to eat up lately;

^ I was lucky enough to win one of Paper Pastries' recent giveaways and this is the little haul I came away with. I am a bit in love with the library card, I don't know if I'll ever be able to part with it! And the packaging of the whole thing was to die for.

^ Carly sent me a fantastic letter and cute package.

^ A lovely first letter from Kaatje.

^ It took its time in transit, but Jennlui's pretty little package from Megan's stationery swap finally found its way to me and it was so worth the wait. Thank you Jenn!

^ Danielle of Dinosaur Toes sent me these two beautifully decorated mixes for Kittycat's mix cd swap.

^ This was one helluva letter, it was actually a small book! Mary totally outdid herself, this is one of the most unique and special things I've ever received. Just gorgeous!

^ Megan sent me such a fantastic little collection of things, including a bunch of vintage photographs which are so one of a kind.

^ Another lovely letter full of goodies from Rebecca in England. Customs likes opening my mail it seems!

^ This letter was such a delight to read (and she has such beautiful handwriting). Letters from Misss Belen are some of my favourites.

^ A letter from this miss could brighten any day, thank you so much Micaela! A beautiful letter accompanied this beautiful package. The red-shoed postcard is definitely a favourite. I put the socks on as soon as I had photographed them. I will need a whole lot for of cute warm socks like these in cold Tasmania in two months!;

^ Mesca checking out my stripy feet.

^ Yesterday C and I minded his nephew Marley for the day. I swear, when I have children, if they're anything like this little kid, I'll be in heaven. He's so damn sweet. I got him to pose with my letter from Lauren. Thanks lady!

^ It seems to be the giveaway season! I nabbed this gorgeous Japanese tape from the giveaway at

^ I treated myself to some fabulous stationery from cute NZ company Nut And Bee - I got Sky Slide labels and Where Rainbows Come From notepad. I am so keen to make another order.

^ Can you say free shipping? I certainly can. I am keeping myself away from from now on! I picked up a box of Stuff On My Cat postcards, a copy of the Ghost World comic I've been trying to track down for years, a Kath Kidston labels and stickers book and stationery box for $40. I still feel pretty guilty about spoiling myself with stationery, but I'm sure it will wear off. Ha.

I have to make a poster for a hypothetical fashion parade for one of my classes and so far I have a long way to go. I do have my font down-pat though, ha;

Now I have an intensive weekend of work ahead - I hope yours is far more relaxing!