^ Pope by Rene Maltete.

Things I will do when this semester is over
(yes I should be doing uni work as I speak);
Sand down and paint my desk with bright red shiny enamel paint.
Write letters for days straight (I'm at just under 40 due).
Collate bits and pieces for a long-planned letter-writing/mail-art themed zine.
Grow my nails (uni makes me bite them), then paint them all a different colour.
Start packing up my life/house in boxes to take to Launceston, Tasmania.
Cook many more 'ooey-gooey chocolatey' recipes from Nigella.com.
Catch the train to Dungog and visit le fam and my little Rosie niece.
Read an entire book (I'm getting by reading letters, zines and comics).
Go for bike rides with C.
Play guitar more often.
Learn to knit/crotchet/embroider/use my sewing machine better.
Go bowling for C's 30th birthday, haha.

letter h IMG_5517_3 scrabble letter L letter a Blue exclamation mark
^ Spell with Flickr.

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And now, some cute pictures of kittens;

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