^ Carl Kleiner.

Just for a change, in the style of Gala Darling, here are some of my Things I Love Thursday;

Umbrella weather; Guidelines for cats; homemade burritos; thick outgoing envelopes; thick black stockings; freshly dyed hair; Trent Reznor's new musical project with his wife; rereading Ghost World; fresh Kath Kidston stationery sheets; Christina Hendricks/Joan Holloway; coconut oat cookies; reliable old clothes; buying a white board to list letters that need writing; the MCA Zine Fair; collage; having only two uni related items due next week then I'm all done for the semester; Najeroux; Vanessa Berry's zines; doing a Powerpoint presentation today about Toy Camera/Lomography photography; the (Australian TV station) ABC's news theme remixed, eating at the sad Chinese restaurant on Beaumont Street (it may look sad but it makes tasty food); Fry's 'chicken' nuggets (made with textured vegetable protein!); exclamation marks (though preferably not in quick succession); it being C's birthday next week and taking him bowling, haha; They Draw And Cook (via Katyha); the beginning of the World Cup (C will be glued to the television); stunning photographs of animals inside the womb; C, my house mate and his girlfriend and I all photocopying our faces and sticking them on our fridge; playing Halo(?!); Shit My Kids Ruined (it's like visual contraception); C's curls (being with someone with beautiful long curly hair is a perfect way to make up for my boring dead-straight mop) and this step by step guide to drawing Justin Bieber.

What has been making your week?