Six Senses

^ Before We Begin by Christopher Jonassen.

As I'm strapped for time for any proper posts, I thought I'd fill out a 'Six Senses Saturday Sunday' meme (started by this lady, and found via this lady);

Right Now I'm...

Schrogetten yoghurt-strawberry flavoured chocolate from Aldi, mmyum. 

Smelling: Incense and C's cooking. 

Seeing: One of our cats snuggled up all in a ball on the couch. 

Hearing: C unpacking groceries (he's such a good wife :P) and 'Sydney from a 727' by Paul Kelly (it contains the line, "have you ever fallen for a girl with different coloured eyes and sent her letters full of lies?", heh). 

Touching: Freshly cleaned keyboard keys; never again will I purchase a white computer. 

Feeling: Inexplicably exhausted and definitely not inclined to start my poster project. I wish I could buy some motivation. I need a personal uni trainer, someone to stand over my shoulder and egg me on to finish assignments. Any takers? I'll pay you $20 for every assignment I get done? I've got four due in two weeks.

You might not be able to tell that there have been some little changes around here; a quick layout tidy-up and I decided on a whim to purchase a url. Blogger offers them for $10/year (Dashboard > Settings > Publishing) and I thought why not, so, hello from! :)

Here's one of my all-time favourite Youtube videos;

Happy weekend!