^ Billy Shire.

Hello blog,
I've missed writing to you.
I am sorry and I will make it up to you in three weeks when I have finished failing my first year of university!
Love, Bianca.

These three lovelies came this morning, total mood lifter.

^ Rondy sent me this impeccably decorated little package with some gorgeous vintage postcards that once belonged to her grandparents collection. I'm particularly fond of the Continental Airlines postcard in the centre. She also included a little package of red! Love it!

^ Holy cow, it was like Christmas when I opened this package this morning. One of my absolute favourite bloggers, Katrina of Pugly Pixel, sent me so many goodies from her store Mr Rabbit Sir. I had so many of her items in my wishlist, how did she know?! I hung up the pretty garland she sent me straight away (don't mind my dirty windows). Uhh-mazing! I can't wait to use the bits and pieces she sent me, though a part of me wants to save and hoard them.

^ I thought it was about time I bought myself a Letter Writers Alliance membership. You get access to some sweet donwloads and a cute badge. I loved their envelope decor too.

^ Soph sent me gorgeous things! Blackbird paperclips! That tea smelled so good I had to track some more down.

Screw you uni work, hello letters!

^ A very bloated envelope for Jane. The envelope is made from ridiculously expensive textured Japanese paper.

^ Bits and pieces for the lovely Angelia. The envelope is made from a page of Frankie magazine.

^ To little Bella.

^ One of my last Cavallini & Co envelopes and a handful of postcards for Jenny.

^ A bundle of bits for Milly - she requested a zine, so I popped in my copy of a great local zine full of wonderfully detailed pictures of places and things around Newcastle (most of which i know). Look see;

^ A long overdue package for Sylvia, my first elephant dung envelope sent out!

^ Another overdue letter, for lovely Nely in Oregon. Envelope made from a page of a Sportsgirl catalogue.

^ A colourful package for miss Zoe.

^ For Amy, overdue!

^ I've always been terrible at origami, but I finally mastered the art of the paper crane and made a small army (C said it was only a squadron). I attached these ones, made from paper my mum brought back from Japan, to a frame with fishing line and made a mobile for our room, it's real pretty. And I made another for C's niece for her birthday.

^ The sad demise of the new letter opener. A particularly hefty letter was no match for this little guy this morning and he snapped in two, not before he cut me up real good. Blood, everywhere! Well, not everywhere, but there was some and it hurt. I need to find something really heavy duty to open my mail!

Also, my little sister is staying with me tonight and I asked her to pick a winner for the Flickr account giveaway and she drew out Van. Congratulations lady, I'll be in touch!

Okay, now back to the uni grind stone. Waaaaaaaah.