^ So gorgeous. By The Ever Dazzling/blog.

Here are a cute bunch of giveaways that I've spotted lately and I thought I'd share;

- Genuine Incongruity's macaroon jewellery giveaway, (ends 8th May) here.
- Cerebral Exrement's blog birthday giveaway, (ends 9th May) here.
- Westervin's Summer Lapicitos necklace giveaway, (ends 9th May) here.
- Claudia Pearson's spring tote giveaway, (ends 10th May) here.
- Kirsten Hubbard's 'Hold Still' book and Moleskine giveaway, (ends May 10th) here.
- Lovely By M's For The Easily Distracted print giveaway, (ends 10th May) here.
- Rachie's Place's tiny giveaway, (ends 11th May) here.
- Much Love Anna's Beta Boutique giveaway, (ends 11th May), here.
- In The Next Room's graduation giveaway (ends 11th May), here.
- Uguisu's border masking tape giveaway, (ends 12th May) here.
- PaperJot's Petite Threla lip balm/glace giveaway, (ends 12th May) here.
- Ashley Reynolds' paper ephermera giveaway, (ends next week) here.
- Thompson Family Life's Emily Ann Designs giveaway, (ends 12th May) here.
- A Girl And Her Blog's Sex and the City NYC Tour, (ends 13th May) here.
- For The Easily Distracted's Polaroid themed giveaway, (ends 14th May) here.
- Dolce Vita Micaela's necklace and purse giveaway, (ends 14th May) here.
- That [Unreliable] Girl's Leeloo handbag giveaway, (ends 16th May) here.
- Low Flying Squid's Scrabble tile pendant giveaway, (ends 17th May) here.
- Bluebird Luxe's Built By Wendy dresses giveaway, (ends 19th May) here.
- I Fly Like A Bird's Secret Mystery giveaway, (ends 20th May) here.
- Art Is The Result Of Transformations' Alice In Wonderland giveaway, (ends 21st May) here.
- Leigh Shepherd's brooch giveaway, (ends 22nd May) here.

Phew! So many!