Two Hats

^ My lounge room Polaroided.

Wowee, a whole week between posts - that's probably the longest break I've had since starting this blawg! There has been no real reason for it except uni stress and a bung wrist so I hope that I can make up for it this week!

^ I received this gorgeously decorated little box from Rachel's swap, from a lovely lady called Blanca (it confused me to read her name the first few times). It contained so many amazing things, I feel very spoiled. I can't wait to write back. It was delivered by parcel post and the delivery man handed me a little machine with a pen attached to sign and I dropped the pen with a bit too much force and it flew back up and hit him in his glasses, we both laughed awkwardly.

^ Kati in Finland sent me this beautifully decorated envelope and an excellent mail-themed pencilcase/pouch. It's so perfect! I've already put it to use as a pencil case.

^ I love Linsey's mail art style - another fabulous envelope and letter. She sent me a little velum envelope full of vintage Australian stamps which I excitedly examined one by one. They're almost too special to use. I think I'll save them for special occasions.

^ Super sweet Carla sent me not only a great letter, but a bright red knitted headband bow that she made - I have pretty much been wearing every day since it arrived! I am envious of anyone who can knit, I have tried to learn and I am eternally no good at it.

^ A first and fabulous letter from Charlotte Lucy.

^ I received a lovely first letter from Melissa in Georgia. Thank you miss!

^ Sirpa's mail is always fabulous. I forgot to take a photo of the paper she wrote on so I'm borrowing an image from her blog to show you - it looks incredible. I'll have to try out using magazine pages as stationery;

I participated in Kittycat's mix cd swap and was partnered up with Liana. I sent off my mixes last week and I received hers this week and the whole package was wonderful;

^ Along with the two awesome mixes (our music tastes complemented wonderfully) and beautifully decorated packaging she included two decorated notes that said when I should listen to each mix;

After receiving my mixes she sent me another beautifully decorated letter - Rigby the cat thought it was cute too;

No outgoing to speak of! But it is only Saturday evening. I will report back at weekend's end.

Yesterday I had a lady date with my friend Min who has been visiting Newcastle from Queensland this week. We went to my favourite cafe, wandered around the streets and had drinks at my favourite pub. She's like my Mexican twin. Sweet lady;

I made my first Modcloth purchase last week, despite their exorbitant international shipping, and bought their Peanut Butter and Jam wallet (for the aforementioned lady's birthday), and a pair of faux-nerd glasses - I don't think I will ever seriously wear them out, but they are a fun prop (even if they are very Myspace circa 2006). Sadly, I have 20/20 vision;

^ Also modelling Carla's fabulous bow.

Just in time for Polaroid week (I've been loving Rhianne's documentation of it) - the camera I impulse purchased late one night on Ebay arrived - a pretty red Polaroid Cool Cam, with three exposures left in it;

^ The latter two pictures are thanks to Poladroid. I have already used up two of the shots, and I have no idea when/if I'll ever be able to afford film for it when I finally take that last shot. Boo :(

Last week, upon opening a rather hefty letter, my letter opener broke in two! It was only a very cheap plastic one, but it was sad nonetheless. C surprised me with a very cute new one on Friday, checkit;

I had an assignment due this week that involved making a double A4 page spread of a nursery rhyme (as if you've opened it in a book). Here are some quick shots of my effort (I sat it on that window sill and the sun heated up the glue and it all buckled, bad move!) The illustrations were done the morning it was due so promise not to laugh :D;

^ Good riddance Queen of Hearts.

^ Min's PB&J wallet, two polaroids, my morning hot chocolate and my new letter opener.

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend! I'm going to clean my whole house and then write letters!