Typed Face

^ Unknown.

With a new edition of Frankie magazine comes a new calendar page, and rearranging my corkboard to accommodate it. This is what my corkboard looked like at the start of March;

And this is what it looks like today;

^ It's covered in bits and pieces of things that have arrived in letters. See anything you've sent?

Last night C and I went to see The Bedroom Philosopher. I can't seem to find a Youtube video that does his show justice, but you should find a way to check him out. Hilarious man (I'm big on my musical-comedy). The place was packed (we only found out about the show that day so we thought it was badly promoted and no one might show), we finally found a place to stand, I spotted an empty chair and after sitting in it for a few minutes a woman at a table nearby told me "someone is sitting there" and I was like "oh" and gave her the chair and had to stand against a wall with the Bedroom Philosopher entirely obscured by a pole for the duration (while she and her friends talked through and didn't watch the show). The night got better when I found a fiver on the ground as we left and we started walking home and bought some sweets, but evened out when we were comically puddle splashed by a wayward taxi and walked soppingly home. Anyhow, the show was great. I wore this while wandering around Beaumont Street yesterday;

I finally put together and sent off my package for Rachel of Delete The Adjectives' 'These are a few of my favourite things' swap. I didn't photograph everything I included, but here are a couple things I put in. Hope she likes! (Swaps make me nervous);

^ Frankie magazine, a bundle of my favourite Australian zines, miscellaneous postcards and handmade envelopes (as well as a mix cd of Australian musicians, bits and pieces of stationery, tea, etc).

^ The man at the post office joked that for the amount I spend on international postage, I could move to the USA.

C bought me this stationery as a surprise yesterday and it wasn't until afterward that we realised it is made from elephant dung! Awesome!;

^ Great diagram.

I have two big uni assignments due next week and I have no idea how I'm going to put them together. I am starting to miss the simple displeasure of writing an essay, preferable to the time huge consuming visual projects I'm struggling to get done in time. I was meant to go to a party tonight but had to decline for uni's sake. Boo uni. Here's a self portrait I made of myself last week for an assignment (we had to use only type/font/words), haha;

Now to research David Ogilvy and make a mobile that demonstrates his creative process! (Swap you for whatever you're doing?) Hope you're having a very pleasant weekend!