Freebie: Parfait Lady Printable Envelope

This is what I get up to when my sleeping patterns are reversed. C has been watching every match of the World Cup and they're generally at midnight, 2am or 4.30am, so I've been staying up to watch them with him. That being said, there's a big game on right now (5am) and he's fast asleep on the lounge! Anyway, this is the Parfait Lady - made from various free vintage ephemera. I hope you like! Click the image below to go to the full sized envelope and then save it - print quality will vary depending on your printer/paper, but I used my printers default settings to print this design at full-size on thin A4 card stock and it looked neat. Let me know if you have any problems :) I'm hoping to get better at making these and I'll put up a bunch more for you!

This is how it turned out when I printed her out;

^ Fresh from my printer.

^ Edges cut to size.

^ Tabs folded in and double-sided tape applied to edges. I find this tape is much less messy and more secure than using glue.

^ Fold and stick taped side tabs.

^ Address to someone you like, add a stamp, (perhaps an airmail sticker) fill'er up and send off!