A Good Day For Relaxing

I made this collage two nights ago from vintage ephemera and bits and pieces from Pugly Pixel's wonderful downloadable goodies. It's called 'Sunday Is A Good Day For Relaxing'. I'm thinking about getting it printed onto some cards. Today I'm going to the ear, nose and throat doctor to finally inquire about an illness I've had for about five years. I'm not feeling overly optimistic that it will be able to be fixed, but some relief would be nice. I'd like to not sneeze 50 times a day, have a nose that drips like a tap, have to carry around various things to blow my nose on every day, be able to fly on an aeroplane without screaming and not suffer through excruciating sinus migraines every day. Not having these ailments would change my life. I feel like I could do anything if they went away. Later I'm going to send a picture of the sea to David Horvitz.

Consuming: Buttery blackberry jam toast, organic hot chocolate.
Listening to: Beg - Things of Stone and Wood