I Dream In French

^ Mesca on the mattress in our shed and my favourite shoes that I just threw away, but had to take one last photo of (the soles were well worn through and irreparable. I am trying to hunt down another pair online).

6 little outgoings this week;

^ My first letter to Jazmin was my first item ever lost in the post. Very sad, but I wasn't deterred and rewrote her letter. I hope this one doesn't suffer the same fate!

^ My first letter to this lovely Scottish miss (envelope made from a Buffy comic).

^ All the way to Olivia in Montreal (made from an Escher calendar page).

^ All the way to Wickham (1.9kms away from me :P)

^ One of my last vampire book page envelopes, off to Livia in Brazil.

^ I am a chronic envelope over-filler. I hope this Where The Wild Things Are envelope doesn't burst on the way to Rashel.

I bought myself a new letter opener on Etsy a few weeks ago after breaking two this year already and it arrived this week. This one looks pretty sturdy despite being very old;

^ It reads; "The Fuller Brush Man - America's Most Famous Visitor". Any idea who this guy is?