I'm not generally too keen on 'outfit shots'. I think other people do it ridiculously well, and although I love nice clothes, clothes are still just clothes to me and I don't make any claims on being very fashionable. My fashion motto is - if it's red, I'll wear it. Being a not-entirely-body-comfortable twenty year old female, putting photos of my body on display makes me a little uneasy, but, regardless of my lack of fashion-photogenia, I wanted to show two vintage dresses I bought this week. I keep alternating between them and haven't worn anything else all week. Also, I can't stop cutting my hair. I've cut about 3/4 of its length off this week just on a whim. I need to go to the hairdressers to get it styled, but it's been fun leaving a big pile of cut hair all over the bathroom floor;


^ I'm very photogenic :D The dresses are from a newly-opened vintage shop around the corner from my house called 'Lil & I'. The lady who owns it is one of the sweetest shop-keeps ever.

Tonight I am going to an 'Ugly Sweater Party'. Check my sweater - I actually think it's adorable and I've had it since I was a kid, haha. It is worn through in parts, covered in pills and stained but I can't help but love it;

^ Yes, the teddy's jumper unzips too :D