Tied up with string

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The good mail was flowing this week...

^ This beautifully decorated envelope arrived this week from Nicola in Scotland containing some very cute postcards.

^ An expectedly lovely letter from Melody.

^ A lovely tiny newspaper envelope from Rebecca. Does that postmark look a bit like a moustache to you?

^ Siobhan sent me a package containing the loveliest things. Gorgeous stationery, some fun UK history guides and two zines by Chanell Kristen which I was so excited to look through. I'll be sending you something this week lady!

^ A very sweet letter from Rashel.

^ Another great letter from Tejal. She wrote part of the letter on the back of these 'Worst Case Scenario' daily desk calendar notes - they made me laugh.

^ At last year's This Is Not Art festival I picked up a pack of these flat collaged 'Thicket' cards by Studio Racket for $5 a pack - I've been using them as postcards but I saw on their website that they are actually listed as a zine/puzzle and fit together - so I bought another set (I'd sent off a few of them in the first set as postcards) and put 'em together.

^ Wendy you shouldn't have! Lovely, newly-wedded Wendy sent me this great box of stuff this week including (my first!) little red Moleskine and a gorgeous red fountain pen. Too generous! I'm going to send her a big ol' care package after the move.

^ I saw these postcards in Frank & Dean's online shop and bought a pack of ten for $7. Gorgeous designs.

^ This may be the tiniest postcard I have ever received - it measures 10cm x 7cm. Why are tiny things so cute?!

^ An Escher for Sirpa.

^ I finally sent off my contribution to Pip's Envelope Project this week. I was having a really bad day when I took it to the post office and I got the particularly unpleasant post office attendant who just stuck an ugly sticker in place of a stamp on it and threw it into a bucket with other mail while I was watching and it looked a little damaged. I hope it arrives safely. If you've not sent anything to the Envelope Project yet there's definitely still time.

^ For miss Sophie B in Melbourne.

^ A fat little Escher envelope tied up with string for Carla in San Diego.

^ A first letter to Melissa in Georgia in a Cathy Olivas envelope.

While walking to the post office last week I noticed that a cafe near my house has a rack of free postcards and sneakily shoved as many as I could in my bag. I spotted these pretties sitting there too - the postcards I made for Bird In The Hand. I hadn't seen them in the flesh before and I like 'em;

How's your mail box?