Stop Wasting Time

+ the designer cookie (via pretty foods)

+ organic aldi nutella sandwiches
+ clicking through old posts by jane
+ impromptu couch naps
+ good guests
+ anything green (clothes, vegetables, pens)
+ greek yoghurt, organic muesli & honey breakfasts
+ cat snuggles (even if i was suddenly bitten afterward)
+ singing smiths songs while browsing ebay for smiths shirts
+ pugly pixel's lovely posts about yours truly (1|2)
+ palmer's dark chocolate & mint lip butter (i have bought so many packets of mint slice since i bought it)
+ new and old penpals
+ my 9-month old niece's cute face
+ sending off designs for avantcard to print my collage into 20, 000 postcards :O
+ 4°C/39°F bike rides with c home from dinner
+ this red tv, in honor of our new prime minister's hair
+ art by long live analog
+ no caps

- no longer backlit macbook screen
- contemplating the $ to replace macbook
- cold extremities
- unhappy bellies
- the price of stamps going up this week (aus mail - 60c, int mail $2.20)
- packing anxiety
- bad hair
- the htda shirt i ordered for c's birthday not fitting
- shaped internet for the last hour of the month, haha.

got any pluses or minuses today?

^ my new desktop wallpaper.