Hello July

^ A gorgeous desktop background for July by Tabitha Emma.

C's parents are up at the moment from Tasmania. We're staying in their house in Launceston for two months while they're on holiday until we find a house down there. There seem to be an endless supply of lovely houses to rent there so I don't think we'll be there too long (hope I don't jinx it). C's parents came to visit and took us out for lunch this week and they brought me up a little present from Tassie;

^ Full of delicious liquorice (not so full any more).

A new month, a new calendar (from Frankie) and a new pin-board arrangement;

This month will involve a lot of packing and fretting (mostly on C's part).

Today I'm feeling bad because I hung up on a telemarketer. I just couldn't muster the effort to bring the fruitless conversation to a proper close so I faked not being able to hear and hung up. Bad. Sad. I'm going to the post office to send a letter. I hope karma doesn't catch me.

Some more sweet giveaways spotted this week:
- The Scribble Project colouring in book giveaway, here (til 5th July).
- Good Mail Day's 'I-cleaned-my-office!' giveaway, here (til 1st July).
- Very Dark Horse's excellent stationery giveaway, here (til 11th July).