Would you like to meet Alice?

Alice was my great great grandmother and lived in the late 1800's/early 1900's. This photo has a bit of a story behind it. From what I can gather, Alice was to attend a fancy dress ball in the town where she lived and at which there was a competition for best costume. Not being particularly well off and wanting to have a bit of fun with the costume, she made her dress entirely from layers of paper and even made decorations for her bulldog. When she arrived at the ball she was very embarrassed by her outfit after comparing it to the other women there who had professionally made dresses made from expensive fabrics and lace and so she went home. Later people came to tell her that she had in fact won best costume and this is the photograph that was taken of her. I haven't seen any other photos of her but I find her fascinating. A love of paper, creativity and craft seems like it might be a bit of a constant in my heritage. I like your outfit Alice!