^ Bongiovanni (via The Ever Dazzling).

My mail box was smiling this week (note to self: paint smiley face on my next mail box);

^ A beautiful little letter from Crystal in Montreal.

^ Something wonderfully tropical from Sue.

^ A fun postcard from Christine while on her honeymoon.

^ A 'radish' letter from a sweet lady called Ngaire in Victoria.

^ Another expectedly fabulous item of mail from Patty.

^ There are two reasons why this postcard excites me - Audrey Tautou being afront it and it being from Garci. Look at the collection of red!

^ A lovely reply from sweet miss Jennifer - I especially love the little red wooden Australia post truck she included!

^ A cute bit of yellow from Audrey in Malaysia.

Will that mail pile ever get under 40? I need to pick up my game!

^ A map of the USA East coast envelope for Linsey. I love writing to this lady.

^ Some colour for Kati.

^ One of my Redbubble postcards for July's Benevolent Postcard Society mail out to a lady named Silke.

^ A copy of this month's Frankie magazine, an Australian music mix cd and a handful of postcards, for lovely Erika. I realised afterward that I forgot to leave any space on the envelope for the gross big stickers that the post office slaps all over your mail. Boo. The postage fairies aren't going to be kind to me with this one - I think I'm up for about thirty dollars!

^ A long overdue letter to one of my favourite blogger misses, Carly.

^ A little note to Liana. I finally got to use one of my own cards.

I took Sophie and Adam to the Centenary Centre last week and although I saw a million things I could have taken home, all I picked up was this old postcard which was sitting in a box full of other old postcards. As far as I can make out the date stamp is from 1911 in Newcastle. It's amazing to look at a postcard that is almost one hundred years old;

I also picked up this airmail themed Cavallini & Co poster on our wanders which I'm considering framing to put in our new house (or cutting up!);

I made this creepy hand stationery a few weeks ago and never posted it up here. Feel free to use it if you like it! Click on the links below for bigger sizes;

Single page | Double page

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