How to be an explorer of the world

^ Unknown.

We've spent the last week catching up with various lovely people in between some light box packing. Today we got a call from the removalists asking if they can come a day earlier than planned (tomorrow) to pick everything up, so tonight may well be sleepless! I am feeling pretty anxious about it all, and on the flight we can only take carry-on luggage (I think I need to re-read Lauren's 'How-to Cram Your Life Into A Carry-On' post) so after our things have been picked up we have two days left here to clean and won't see our things again for almost a week (clothes, toiletries, stationery, knick knacks, other important things!). However, I am still very excited and I can't wait to be there.

Just to verify, if you've sent me a letter or are going to in the next three months it will still reach me if you send it to my old address and at approximately the same rate. What would I do without mail forwarding!? Here are a couple of pictures I found on my camera from this week to share;

^ I couldn't decide what kind of sandwich to make for my lunch the other day so I made three different slices; vegemite and cheese, banana and honey and nutella. Yum! Ignore disgusting floor!

^ My first packed box. It was like practical tetris. Seeing this now I'm wishing I'd kept that Ghost World comic to read on the plane.

^ C bought eleven packets of cheap organic Aldi coffee for taking to Tasmania because TASMANIA DOESN'T HAVE AN ALDI :( I think that box might last him, what, a month?!

^ Our friend Sylvia came over yesterday with her two delectable little children and she gave C and I gifts each. This is what she gifted to me (there was also a block of Green & Blacks chocolate but it is long gone). I have ALWAYS wanted a Keri Smith book. I haven't found the time to read a page yet but it will be my plane reading material.

^ Low on packing space for paper goods, C said that I could fill his filing cabinet full of stuff - so this drawer was completely full of old letters and postcards.

When next I blog, it will be from Launceston, Tasmania! Hope you have a far more relaxing weekend! :)