Welcome To My Island

^ unknown.

I don't have much to say today except that I am (finally) in Launceston, Tasmania and it is very, very cold, as anticipated. (I think I've mentioned before that) C's parents live in Launceston and they're currently on holidays back in Newcastle, so we're able to mind their house down here rent and bill free for at least two months while they're away so that we can suss out rentals. So far we've hardly been out, but C's friend Ben took us on a mini-tour of Launceston last night and we had the most delicious vegetarian burgers known to man at a place called Flip. I got my first bundle of redirected mail today in C's parents' mailbox and my bicycle should be arriving today or tomorrow. As for the removalists' truck carrying all of my worldly possessions, I have no idea whatsoever when we'll be seeing it again, so I have two pairs of clothes to wear indefinitely! Tonight we're going out to see Inception - Leonardo DiCaprio & Joseph Gordon Levitt <3

Just in case you were wondering, this is where I have moved to and from;

Launceston (pronounced; Lon-sess-ton) is 1565.1km from Newcastle and is Tasmania's second largest city (Hobart is the capital). Tasmania is not attached to the Australian mainland and it is an island, but it is still a state of Australia. To get to the mainland you either catch a boat or a plane. The whole state of Tasmania only has a population of 500 000 (the greater area of Newcastle is about that amount). I miss Newcastle, friends, family and our housemate a lot, but I am feeling optimistic about being here.

In other news, I dyed my hair;

^ By the end of the week I may have returned full-circle to the hair I was born with, white blonde.

Promise to blog again with some substance soon!