C and I were riding our bikes a few nights ago and saw a cherry picker and a couple of men putting umbrellas in a tree, in the dark. It was too dark to take a picture, but we came back the following day to photograph it and they'd taken them all down and were putting them up in another tree. It was kind of amusing just watching these manly men in fluoro outfits tying brightly coloured pink and purple umbrellas to tree branches! I think it makes for a beautiful sight in the city - I hope they do it to other trees in that park too.

I've also noticed a lot of these around town lately, knitted around poles in the city;

I've also noticed the lack of graffiti in Launceston. Newcastle is covered in it. Here is one little bit of graffiti I spotted I thought was quite gorgeous;

I also thought I'd show you what C put in his hair the other day;

^ Bizarre and kind of creepy, but his hair looks beautiful and shiny and smells really good. It is made from animal placenta and apparently no harm is done to the animal in the process of getting it. We found it at the chemist a few weeks ago but he was only game enough to put it in his hair this week. Verdict: weird but effective!

Here are the mixes I made for my two partners for the Mix Share Swap, Samantha and Patsy. I couldn't help myself and ended up making two mixes for each. The covers were so much fun to make - fiddly and therapeutic collages.

I started by picking out some cardboard from my recycle bin (the top ones are made from flour boxes and the bottom ones are made from cat food boxes!). I taped it together to make the cd cases, then gleaned bits of paper from anywhere I could find it - I have a big box of miscellaneous paper I scrounge from (magazine cuttings, wrapping paper, envelopes, wrappers, stickers, receipts, labels, newspaper, paper doilies, etc) - then I pieced and glued all the bits together and put tape all over them. My printer prints onto discs, so it was fun being able to make the CDs a little pretty.

Need more ideas? Cut up postcards, doodle, print things out, forage for miscellaneous paper around the house, layer tapes, splatter paint, cut out of magazines and newspapers, use photos - use what you've got on hand :)

^ For Samantha.

^ For Patsy. Cerddoriaeth means 'music' and 'Alawon' means 'tunes' in Welsh.

This is the last week for people participating in the Mix Share Swap to finish off making and packaging up their mixes and send them out. Take your time and have fun! I've made a Flickr group for any pictures of the mixes made in the swap, here. Add as many as you like!