Red 12

A regular mail tag request I ask of people is to name their favourite red things. Red is my favourite colour and I've been overusing it for many years. I'm not sure what it is about red, it's just perfect to me. So, here are 12 of my favourite red things I own (if I wasn't just counting things I own I'd also include post boxes, chilli sauce, strawberries, etc).

^ Little red Moleskine gifted to me by my lovely penpal Wendy. I use it many times a day. The sticker on the front is from here.

^ The frilly red umbrella my little sister bought me for my birthday this year.

^ Favourite red coat - by Desperately needs a wash but I can't afford the dry cleaning bill!

^ Warm gloves I thrifted at least five years ago. Very useful in Tasmania.

^ Dangerfield scarf my friend Paige gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

^ Favourite lipstick - Maybelline 'Are You Reddy?' (as worn atop post)

^ Fuller brush man letter opener. Best letter opener I could ask for, he seems unbreakable.

^ Sportsgirl houndstooth sneakers.

^ Leather Romeo Renato handbag. It goes everywhere.

^ The 'blogging' ring I won in Cathe of Just Something I Made's giveaway.

^ A good, sturdy red pen - micro-tip (0.5), Uniball eyes are my favourite. I have very particular pen taste.

^ The little red British post box key chain Laura sent to me.

C said that I should include him in this list, when he holds his breath and his face goes red :P

What's your favourite colour? Want to take photos of your favourite coloured things? I'd love to see them! :)

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