^ eklektick (via mrypwrs - Mary curates the best pictures to her Tumblr). I used to make postcard collages out of stamps - I think I should start again!

^ Beatriz and I have been emailing each other for the past few weeks, hoping this little beauty would turn up. Bea sent it in June and it finally arrived after a stop off in quarantine where they took out the tea she'd included. Sad, but I'm glad it arrived in the end! Her drawings are so cute! She draws a much more accurate Australia than I do!

^ A beautiful first letter from Charlotte, full of pretty paper hearts.

^ Sirpa sent me such a great letter. It was an excellent read, she writes grand letters! And, she sent me this pretty knitted wrist warmer which smells just delish (she sprayed the letter with her perfume, yum!).

^ A very sweet letter from Ria. Last letter she included some New Mexican sand and this time she sent me some NM grass from her lawn!

^ A sweet postcard from Carrie Marie, who found my blog via Micaela.

^ This postcard came from a sweet lady in Spain, but the postmark has covered her name and I can't quite read it! I think it's Mariau! Thank you lady! Hope I spelled your name right!

^ My August BPS postcard from a lovely lady named Patty. I loved her calligraphy!

^ And a delicious first letter from Liz. Another wonderful read.

Sadly ew-nie werk has been weighing me and the letter output down. Hopefully next week, a week without any assignments, will be a fruitful letter week! These few envelopes are full of free postcards people have ordered - I still have lots to share - I'd love to send you some!

Now I'm going to lie down, dose myself up on pain killers and heat up a wheat bag to put on my shoulder. I have done something very traumatic to my collar bone (C says it may be from bad bike riding posture) and for the last fortnight, every night it gets me. Ouuuuch.