^ Simple Blueprint September Calendar (via pieces of e).

I'm a bit late as I try to do these things on a weekly basis, but finally, here is a bundle of good mail that has been finding me lately;

^ Micaela's package arrived a little post-bruised, but its contents stayed intact and were delightful! I am so in love with the crocheted doily she sent that her mum made, and in red and white, she must know my taste! Another fabulous missive from miss M.

^ My belated BPS postcard for July from a lady named Pam. Gorgeous and thoroughly worth the wait.

^ A fabulous piece of mail art from IUOMA mail artist Sergio Della Giustina. I'll definitely be getting my pens and scissors and glue ready to make a postcard in reply soon.

^ One of sweet New Zealand mummy Stella's beautiful printed envelopes, containing a grand letter and some of her Frank & Dean postcards that I love. She sells some of her pretty paper wares here.

^ A pelican in my mail box from the Missive Maven - I'm going to try to scribble down a letter to her tonight.

Today's mail;

^ My lunch and the letters I pulled out of the mailbox today.

^ A sweet note from my sister in Newcastle. I just spoke to her on the phone and I miss her.

^ A deliciously decorated letter from Elisabeth in Norway. I am so going to sprinkle those stars in every letter.

^ My second letter from Mariah and a very lovely one.

^ Postal sweetness from Carla, her letters are some of my favourites.

^ My first letter from Hungarian miss Fanni. I love receiving sweet bundles of postcards, and the ones she included are awesome.

^ The goodies in this letter were squeal-worthy. My favourite, without a doubt, is the little package of 'Girls With Big Hair' stickers. So good. And, wonderful goodies accompanied a wonderful letter from Kaatje.

^ Free postcards for Bria who is on exchange in Sweden.

^ Postcard number one goes to my newest internet-pen-friend, a sweet Taiwanese miss named Kiyasu Oka. And the second cat-flavoured postcard I believe was my final BPS mail out.

^ A late letter to sweet miss Crystal in Quebec.

^ A mix cd package for a girl I went to high school with. Hope she digs it :)

I've been feeling really lacklustre over the past few weeks. I haven't been doing my university work, I haven't been writing letters and I haven't been doing much of anything. It takes hours to fall asleep and when I do, I sleep too much and feel exhausted and I find it impossible to will myself to get up. I can't concentrate or convince myself to do anything that I think I might enjoy and I don't want to be awake most of the time, but I can't sleep. I cry when I have nothing to cry about. Not having my own space and staying in someone else's house indefinitely has a lot to do with feeling down, but I've been feeling very bad for some time.

I know I could have omitted these things and nobody would be any the wiser, but just wanted to let you know, because I think it's important to acknowledge when feeling down becomes something that you're more accustomed to than feeling up. And I wondered why I felt so afraid and ashamed to share how I'm feeling. I pay my physical health far more attention than my emotional or mental well-being and I think it's probably time to seek some help. I'm finding that making note of small things to achieve each day, finding things to look forward to and getting out of the house are helping (although the house did lock me outside today for two hours!). I am very fortunate to be with someone who comforts and cares for me in all the right ways (and leaves me alone at the right times too) and I couldn't ask for anything more from him. He is one very positive constant.

How are you feeling today?