Bits of a week

^ One of Mary Powers' lovely collages; buy them as postcards here.

Bits of a week
I applied for four jobs, including one as a 'Santa Photographer' (official title). I realised after submitting it that it means I'd get to wear an elf suit and potentially get my own creepy Santa photo (the first in 13 years), then I felt super excited.
While shopping, C and I were just about to take our groceries to the counter and then I decided I had to ogle the make up section, but my browsing was rudely interrupted by the complex's fire alarm. Lethargically and confusedly the staff ushered us outside, to have us stand in the cold for fifteen minutes, watch the fire brigade screech up and find no fire, then we were allowed back in.
I came across Vixen Vintage, fell in love and felt a great yearning for my in-storage sewing machine.
I attended the first in a 3-part debate series at the local University - the topic; "Young people shouldn't waste their time reading Twilight and Harry Potter". Lots of interesting speakers, including Frankie's editor Jo.
I made a digitally collaged poster for the Newcastle This Is Not Art Festival Sunday (zine) Fair. Very much enjoyed making it but felt several pangs of sad for not being able to attend this year (due to being 1500kms away). I took it for granted! (Not quite finished poster here)
C and I attended four house inspections and applied for 3. Imagined arranging my furniture and decorating each.
I dyed my hair, what I thought was dark brown, but turned out to be jet black. So, back to black (like my 16-year old self).
Baked two batches of gluten-free banana, honey & white choc cupcakes. Yarm.
Ogled this dress and considered spending some of my (very small) savings account.
Sadly sent my final Benevolent Postcard Society postcard.
Found this slightly mail related link; Panty By Post - a monthly underwear subscription.
Bought; Greetings From The Ocean's Sweaty Face 100 McSweeney postcards, Hellcat Amazons postcards and Wanderlust USA postcard box.
Browsed fascinated and quite creeped out at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's comprehensive documentation of executions since the 1980's - which includes every offender's photograph, a description of what they did and their last words. Creepy. Fascinating. Creepy.

I thought some of you lovely creative folk might be interested in participating in Bears and Bunting's 'The World View Project' - it involves photography and mail - and you have until the 10th to sign up.
And lovely Julie of We've Got Paper just reminded me of her stationery survey - if you fill it out you can win one of her sweet lettersets.

Today I woke up late to the sound of rain and felt very content. I'm going to spend the rest of the day with a few cups of Rooibos, a few episodes of Degrassi and a few letters to write. Hope you have a lovely weekend :)