C and I decided to go to Town Hall earlier this week to look at an exhibition and this greeted us at the entrance - the pillars had colourful knitted coverings.

Inside was a huge room where a team of Tasmanian women had knitted
a walk-through display reminiscent of a 1950s home, called 'The Knitting Room'. Everything was knitted and I was told it takes at least seven days to assemble the whole exhibition in a space. The project started in 2004 and was based in a nursing home where about 50 residents, family and friends created individual and group pieces that contributed to the overall display. Photos weren't allowed, but I found some pictures of the exhibition online;

^ My favourites were predictably the knitted letter and knitted mailbox.

I asked where it was going to after the exhibition and one of the women told me it will be put into storage until they can find a permanent space for it. I definitely need to learn to knit.