^ Jayme McGowan.

^ A fantastic package from Linsey in Oklahoma. She included a red Keel's 'Simple Diary' which I have been writing in each day. It's not a conventional journal and gives you (often bizarre) kind of mini-prompts, like in the above picture. It's certainly easier to keep than a conventional journal. I'm quite enjoying it. She also included a Le Pen and a bunch of other goodies. So generous! I loved it.

^ Definatalie sent me a bundle of her lovely Avantcard postcards in this beautifully decorated vessel.

^ An as always delightful little letter from miss Bella.

^ A thoroughly enjoyable, colourful missive from Debbie in Western Australia.

^ My sister sent me this apron and it made me laugh. I am so going to wear it every time I cook. Dungog is the town where I went to high school and where my sister still does. The cards are lovely too.

^ Molly sent me this gorgeous postcard and wrote some very insightful things. Totally lovely.

^ I think this tissue-letter is my pal Min's way of telling me my letter back to her is long, long overdue. Haha. Promise to write soon!

^ Just thought I'd include this envelope as it contained a cute letter from my Nanna.

^ For 'Snail Mail Aficionado', miss Jessica.

^ An envelope collage for sweet Fatima in Bahrain.

^ An overdue letter for lovely Angelia, a thoroughly enjoyable letter to write.

^ A bundle of bits for Canadian lass, Zoë.

^ This little package isn't actually from me, it's from C to Jane for the Mix Share Swap, but he was taking too long to send them so I made the envelope/cd decor. He did make the mixes though :P I tried to make the track listing look like a receipt.

^ Postcards for Lauren.

^ Postcards for Linda.

^ Postcards for Rusty.

^ Postcards for Corinne.

^ Postcards for Linda 2.

^ A long overdue letter for Ilona/Missive Maven. Hope she digs it :)

^ I included this postcard in my letter for her, however I'm not sure that I agree.

^ Book Depository took a bunch more of my money in exchange for these two lovely boxes of postcards - McSweeney's 'Greetings From The Ocean's Sweaty Face' 100 postcard box and 30 'Wanderlust' postcards. They're too lovely. There isn't a single postcard I don't like in either.

^ Some postcards from the Ocean's Sweaty face box.

^ Some of my favourites from the Wanderlust box.