Postbox Visit

Today C and I paid a visit to our (undeniably phallic looking) vintage post box pal outside of City Park and C kindly took some photos of my outfit. It was a very windy day and although I can't recall the specific dialogue, I told C that he had to be on "flying skirt duty" to make sure it didn't fly up and reveal my behind to the general public, to which he replied, "So I get to spend the whole day looking at your butt?". How lovely.

We are still in the throes of unpacking and are slowly discovering things we like and don't like so much about the new house, e.g. - likes; warm, sunny, proximity to all shops, well-sized. Dislikes; our washing machine blocks most of the bathroom door (only thin people can visit us or they won't be able to use the bathroom), industrial-grade school-like carpet, one cracked window, etc. But at the moment, just having an abode and making home is good enough for me. All things aside, it is a happy house to be in.

We're currently making do without a fridge, any wardrobes and many other furniture items, so finding clothes is often troublesome as they are in an assortment of huge travel bags. I was glad to find this coat and skirt after burying it several months ago in a bag for moving. Also, it has only recently occurred to me that I have extremely pale skin, like copy paper, #FFFFFF white. I think I need to pursue some vitamin D.