C hates it when I use the word 'miscellanea'. When we were packing boxes to move we ended up putting a variety of things in each box so I would just write 'kitchen miscellanea' or 'loungeroom miscellanea' or just 'miscellanea' in texta on the top of each box, then once they went into storage it was impossible to distinguish what was inside each box because they were all 'miscellaneous'. Ha.

^ Yesterday's feet. In Australis 'Sweetpea'. C bought me a few different shades of pretty nail polish in exchange for me not biting my fingernails any more. So far, no biting. He even let me paint his fingernails on one hand; purple and green :D I often tell him he could be a hand model. He has very elegant hands, mine are stubby and rough and bitten and I refuse to show them to the internet.

^ Launceston sunset.

^ Rigby and Mesca - this is probably the closest I have ever seen them lie together; they're mother and daughter and they seem to hate each other's company.

Things people have searched for and found my blog; 'bearded lips honey', 'cheeming boey', 'jersey blazer 37', 'prostitutes in islington', 'sneezure', 'sociopath niece', 'sparkly shoe clip art', 'spewnicorn', 'aldi nsw 2296', 'harmless sociopaths', 'hot dog jumping frog albuquerque', 'making spoons'. (Nothing compared to what searches people have made and found Brodie's blog).