+ & -

^ a dreamy (though sadly unknown) kitchen. i'll take one in red plz!

this week;
+ baked successful experimental choc-orange cupcakes
+ re-dyed my hair and nervously cut myself a fringe which I am really enjoying (with help from this excellent agent lover post)
+ picking freesias, they make the whole house smell delicious
+ ten-to-midnight weiss ice cream trip
+ good phone calls from min, paige and ma
+ 5 letters written in the early hours of tuesday morning while watching entourage
+ a great, long google-phone chat with lauren
+ c's parents started a vegetable garden in our backyard - we should begin to see edible things in 4 - 12 weeks
+ received 48 zine orders - got zines photocopied, decorated envelopes, bought $99 worth of stamps (see receipt below), wrote 48 little notes and sealed up 48 packages ready to be sent on monday
+ reading terry pratchett to c before bed
+ waking up in the morning in a dark room with the blinds closed and heavy rain
+ i bought hairspray that makes my fringe smell delicious, ha
+ miike snow by miike snow

- i ripped a huge hole in the back of one of my favourite vintage dresses while riding my bike and didn't notice until i got home, several hours later (as some consolation i was wearing stockings)
- i ate into my tiny savings account so i could afford to eat. i may need to write myself up a better budget
- relentless back pain - how will this damaged 20-year old spine last another 60(?) years?

^ sadly, $99 worth of stamps only got me 52 stamps (mostly international)

^ i don't have a good stapler and i ran out of twine to bind the zines with so i sewed them up instead.

^ almost all of the orders almost ready to go. thank you so much for the zine love! i hope you enjoy it as much as i did making it.

^ some address labels i drew up and printed onto sticker paper. for sale here if you like 'em!

^ a freshly cut fringe