^ Natalie Dee.

This is just a little mail post as I spent most of the week underneath a pile of zines and yellow envelopes and very few letters were written. I swear I'll chip a bunch off the pile this week! I wish I had more hours in my days! I hope your mailbox has been happy of late :)

^ A lovely envelope and lovely letter from my little sister.

^ I bought one of Jane's lovely zines and this is the great packaging it came in.

^ Another warm, wonderful letter from Megan.

^ This package was postmarked 'MAY 27', can you believe it? It had a long stay in customs and then it was delayed by arriving at my old address instead of being redirected, where my ex-housemate, who has never sent a letter in his life, had no idea what to do with it despite many detailed Facebook messages. Eventually I just asked my mum to pick it up from my old house which she did, then she flew to Fiji and forgot to post it, so finally my sister found it for me, wrote my new address on it and threw on some new stamps. Phew! And it was an excellent package from Jane and I am going to fast track a little something back.

^ Lovely things from Astrid in Germany.

^ A sweet postcard from L.

^ I purchased a great ephemera package from Chaos Supplies and this was the cool packaging.

^ Something for a lovely Send Something penpal.

^ A piece of ocean for Kendra.

^ A little letter for Melissa.

^ For Canadian Liz.

^ For lovely Faiza.

Also, I've been adding a couple more items to my Etsy store one by one, including the above Parfait Lady notecards today which are $4 for 6. I think they are all I'm going to be writing on for a few weeks.

PS. This post is my 300th post on this blog!