^ Herr Specht

Just for today I thought it might be best to split up my outgoing and incoming mail because these posts are so image heavy! Here are the beauteous items that have been gracing my mailbox.

^ A fantastically mail-arted envelope containing lovely things from Bria in Sweden.

^ An expectedly beautiful little package from lovely Crystal. I can't wait to reply :D

^ A fantastic little card from miss Mary - it reminded me of C.

^ A sweet little letter from Becky the Snail Mailer in Pennsylvania (does that kind of rhyme?!).

^ Ilona was kind enough to share some of the Halloween spirit with me - Australia sadly doesn't really participate in Halloween so I live vicariously through American penpals. I loved every bit and may have frightened C a little bit wearing those batty glasses. And as always she included a letter that made me sad to finish reading it!

^ Some beautiful mail art from Nely.

^ A very lovely letter list from the Ford family in Nebraska.

^ Deborah, Wendy and Britt all sent books of stamps in exchange for zines - I have used them all up already!

^ Sara Jean sent me the most excellent pack of papery bits and pieces. If you're reading - I adored it and have used a portion of it already!

^ I thought I'd expand my mail themed zine collection and bought this cute zine from here.

^ I bought a very cute headband from Andrea's Etsy store recently and she threw in a bunch of other goodies. I tried to take a photo of myself wearing the headband but couldn't do it justice - I'll have to try again later. Beautiful stuff. Also, I stayed up really late a few nights ago chatting to her on gmail chat and it wasn't until afterward that I made the connection between staying up all night and her blog being called 'The Art of Staying Up All Night'.

^ Gorgeous correspondence from Brodie. That card wins.

^ Sharni was in my state and sent me a sweet hello.

^ Some mail art hand-crafted by Mr Real Wall, Andy.

^ A great letter and some excellent papery things from Sue in Massachusetts.

^ A lovely feel-good letter from Bostonian in New Zealand, April.

^ This pretty bird delivered me some questions from Amy in Brisbane.