^ gibson claire mcguire

^ A speedy reply to Jane's package which took 5 months to be delivered!

^ Nici has sent me so many gorgeous packages, I thought it was time I sent something back. However, it did feel a little like trying to buy a birthday present for the person who has everything - this woman's shop is dreamy.

^ A long overdue letter for Jennifer.

^ I picked up this little pencil case pouch at Sportsgirl and thought I'd fashion it into an envelope for Micaela. I sewed the zippers shut so nobody will be able to peek in and nothing will fall out along the way. I hope it arrives safely!

^ A little letter for Nicola in Scotland.

^ Something a little Halloweeny for Audrey in Malaysia.

^ For lovely Bea in Spain.

^ An extremely overdue letter for Julie after I misplaced her last letter in the move for months!

^ Postcards for Sara U and Sally.

^ A zine package bound for the Sticky Institute.

+ just in case you're interested, I still have seven freshly photocopied zines left from my last printing run;