^ Great photos by Buckaroo Kid.

Did I tell you that I live three doors up from the Launceston mail processing centre? When I walk past the gates on the weekend or in the evening I can see all of Launceston's post trucks sleeping in there! And I can hear postie bikes riding up our street all day. I must be employed at this place! I want to process mail!

^ Sam was my partner for the Mix Share Swap and received two mixes from me. She kindly sent me one back and it was grand. This lady has great taste in music.

^ Rusty in Oklahoma sent me a very sweet note in a very sweet purple, perfectly sealed envelope. This is my first time receiving a wax-sealed envelope and I love it! I am going to have to hunt down a seal and some wax for myself.

^ A lovely card from Kiyasu - her Flickr contains the loveliest sent and received mail photos.

^ This perfect parcel arrived earlier in the week from a lovely Queensland lady we'll call Lillabilly. I was browsing Etsy mail holders earlier in the week and the one she sent me surpasses anything I was going to purchase - and she knitted me little covers for the I's. She included such beautiful things and I felt so good all day after opening it up. Thank you again lady! That mail holder will never leave my (equally red) desk. Can't wait to send something back.

^ A B for Brilliant postcard from Linsey.

^ A very interesting letter and some great papery things from a Californian gal named Dixie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Don't you love the contrasting badges?

^ Mail from Blanca is to die for, such a sweet girl! Thank you miss!

^ This fabulously stamped envelope came from a girl called Arjen in Belgium.

^ A lady named Angela responded to my recent post wherein I said that I'd love to collect name plates from every US state and she sent me one from her home state of Maryland. I stickered my name on it a little messily and quickly attached it to my bike. Now I have three! :D Thank you kindly miss!

^ Milly sent me a very special little package including a cute teacup necklace (I'm wearing it as we speak). I couldn't photograph it well, but around the edge of the cup it says "I♡tea". So lovely.

^ I have mentioned talented Newcastle artist Trevor Dickinson's work on this blog a few times and out of the blue he kindly sent me a copy of his latest zine about mail boxes. This zine is part one in his series wherein he draws 100 mailboxes from around Newcastle that contain the numbers 1-100. It is a fantastic little zine and I can't wait to see what he creates next!

^ Often while I'm sending and receiving mail from lovely 'strangers' I don't prioritise sending mail family members or friends - which I definitely should. I sent a postcard to my step-sister Jaime who lives in New South Wales and she sent this wonderfully decorated envelope and a drawing in return.

^ A simply divine letter from Cari. I didn't photograph it well but she included her mail tag requests in a little folded up zine (on the right) which I can't wait to fill in.

^ A well-dressed lady cut-out from a UK miss named Lauren. Hmm, what to send back? :D

^ I owe Shelita an overdue letter, so she sent me some 'incentive' to fast track a letter to her. Ha. She sent such sweet stuff and included an American dollar note! I'd never seen one before! Money notes here are a kind of almost indestructible plastic-y material - I feel like I want to fold that dollar into origami! She also included some excellent pens - she must secretly know my very specific taste in pens! I promise to send you one mail-arty envelope and a newsy letter ASAP Shelita!

^ I made this postcard for Andy of 'My Real Wall' as he's doing a little call out on his blog. It's made from old stamps, the security pattern inside an envelope, black pen, white-out and tape. Much fun to make. You should send him something too!

^ Something a bit sparkly to grace Melody's new(ish) mailbox. There's something about writing to M that I just love.

^ For miss Tejal.

^ A postcard for Sylvia and one for Sam.

^ Something very overdue for Amy.

^ A vintage children's book envelope for sweet Argentinean miss, Jaza.

^ A packed-full envelope for Jane.

Next week I don't have anything notable on, so I'm going to attempt to write at least 5 letters a day for 5 days. 10 a day would mean I'd cut down my mail pile more significantly, but I'd hate to write generic, churned-out letters, so I'll take it easy. I can usually only manage a couple a day, but I need to get my act together. This mail pile containing 50+ letters is making me feel like a bad correspondent!

Thank you to the lovely folk who have filled in and emailed me a copy of the survey from my last post - your answers were wonderful and insightful and interesting!

Hope you find something sweet in your mailbox tomorrow.