Letter Questions

^ A gorgeous collage by Katey Nicosia.

I've been a bit absent from the blogging-internetting world these past few days/weeks as I'm waiting for the interwebz to be connected at my new abode . I've been using semi-reliable, mobile internet for a week or so and I don't have enough bandwidth to post pictures or the like, but all should be solved in the next week or so. At the very least, the internet shortage is offering more Madmen-watching, letter writing opportunities.

Onto more pressing matters. I was wondering if some of you lovely folk might like to do me a small favour... I have compiled a very short survey about letter writing. If you'd be so kind as to fill it out and email it back to me I would be very grateful.

I am thinking of reposting the survey answers received on this blog in some form and also including a handful of them in a zine I'm (very slowly) putting together. If you'd like to fill in your answers and send them to me, but don't want me to publish your answers, that's fine too, just let me know in the email.

Interpret the questions however you like. Give sentence, paragraph or one-word answers. Be as serious or non-serious as you please. Even if you don't write letters often. If you don't have an answer for a question, leave it blank (or write a new question).
The survey
Location: (town, state, country)
A letter a day keeps the _________________.
I write letters because _________________.
The last letter I wrote was ______________.
The last letter I received was ____________.
When I write a letter I feel ______________.
People should write letters because ________.

Email to: biancajagoe[at]gmail[dot]com
If you're at all confused as to how to answer, here are my answers (you don't need to write as much as I did!);
Name: Bianca
Location: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
A letter a day keeps the bills away (not really, it just makes it feel like there's less of them).
I write letters because it makes me feel good. I think they're little packages of good vibes and the feeling after reading (or writing) a good letter is blissful. Writing letters makes you slow down and observe your surroundings. Writing letters makes you connect with people on a different, meaningful level. I write letters because the thought of empty mailboxes makes me sad. I write letters because the sharing of mail with people from all over the globe expands my knowledge of the world. I write letters to feel more connected with people.
The last letter I wrote was nine pages long(!) and sealed in a glittery pink envelope.
The last letter I received was in three envelopes and included an American dollar note!
When I write letters I feel connected.
People should write letters because it feels good.
Thank you kindly!