^ Earlier in the week C and I went for a bike ride to a place called Cataract Gorge, nearby to where where we live, which is just a majestic place. For a place this is so beautiful it does not photograph well, but C did snap this pretty picture of a peacock in the park (they'll steal your lunch!) and a slightly worried Bianca on the suspension bridge over the water - it was very windy and my skirt blew up many times. Afterwards we rode to the shops and by the time we got home we'd ridden almost 20kms. That probably doesn't sound like much, but I was so exhausted! (PS. I just noticed that my hat matches the peacock).

^ A beautifully assembled vintage stamp collage postcard from Deborah in Bendigo.

^ Something totally delightful from Corinne - I am thinking of blu-tacking the mail-themed folder she sent me to my wall.

^ A lovely letter and a lovely pressed autumnal leaf from Felicia in Manitoba.

^ I was so excited to see a little missive from Adeline. I have been a fan of her blog for some time and she is the sweetest lady (and French!).

^ A very sweet letter first from Kristen in California on Wonder Woman stationery.

^ A wonderfully spooky Halloweeny postcard from Missive Maven.

^ I ordered a vintage ephemera pack on Etsy from Zombie Parts and I just had to share the haul I received. I can't wait to make collages with the bits.

^ Cynthia sent me this gorgeous card. Very sweet.

^ My Novocastrian pal and lovely shop owner, Nici, sent me the program to this year's This Is Not Art festival, in which the poster I made was published. So sad I didn't get to attend TiNA this year, it sounded wonderful. As always, Nici included a bundle of goodies. Thank you again lady!

^ Garci was kind enough to send this travelling artistamp postcard on to me - you add your own stamp and send it on to someone else as part of a Tangle Crafts project. Further down this post is my stamp.

Well, I didn't quite churn out 5 letters a day this week, but I chipped a few letters off the pile.

^ Some letters and postcards sent out earlier this week (and something not so lettery - a pack of Mi Goreng with a label and stamps on it for my former Newcastle housemate, hope they're squashed when they get to him :D)

^ My list of letters to respond to - I dare you to count them! (it has since had about 5 extra letters added to it).

^ Something very belated for Patty, hope she digs it.

^ Something toothpastey for Brodie.

^ An overdue package for my pal Carmen (aka Peggy Sue). I won't show the contents so I don't spoil it, but it does contain a blow-up plastic fish.

^ I haven't sent any Postcrossing postcards in about 9 months, but I felt like sending one yesterday, so I reactivated my account. This postcard is going to Alexandre in France.

^ Some postcards for Amy.

^ A postcard for Wendy and a postcard for Marguerite.

^ A bundle of bits for Carrie in Vancouver.

^ Something slightly punk for Shona in the UK.

^ For Femke in The Netherlands.

^ My artistamp for Tangle Crafts' postcard. I made it with a stamp outline and a collage I made and printed them onto sticker paper. I sent it on to Jane in Ohio.

^ A bundle of things for Shelita in Baton Rouge (every time I see her address I want to sing 'Bobby McGee').

^ Another children's book envelope for miss Rashel.

^ A studio rocket postcard for Linsey in Oklahoma.

^ A card I made for the real estate agent who helped us get out house.