Push The Envelope

After many months of um-ing and ah-ing about where to begin I finally put together a little zine - a kind of ode to letter writing called 'Push The Envelope'. I picked up twenty freshly photocopied copies at Officeworks this evening, folded and tied them with baker's twine. The zine is only twelve pages long, but it's full of lettery facts and history, quotes, pictures and miscellanea. It was great fun to put together and I have a few more ziney ideas in mind already.

I've listed the zine on my Etsy - it will set you back $3US and I'll decorate the vessel it arrives to you in extra special :)

ALSO: Anyone who has tried to purchase one already, but the listing was no longer there, I have relisted them and will get a bunch more printed today :) Thank you for the zine love folks!

Ps. I must give credit for that beautiful doily on my coffee table to Micaela's mum! :D