^ I thought this was fitting considering that the second last HP movie opened this week - I'm going to see it next week I hope :D

^ I found two well sized grubby old frames this week at the opshop near my house and painted them up to house some beautiful prints by Our City Lights (top) and Pugly Pixel (bottom). I think framed prints are my newest obsession.

^ I discovered last week (with my sister, Rokia and C) that the museum gift shop in Launceston is full of some of the most excellent papery goods and these were the few items I scrounged enough coins to buy.

Well, I have never worked six days straight in my life and I have felt a whole other level of exhaustion this week! No letters have been written since last week and as soon as I get home all I want is for C to rub my feet, to have a shower and go to bed. My hours should slow down a little over the next few weeks and I'll get back on top of that mail pile and have some spare stamp change.

^ This little package from Adeline made me smile sooooo big. I must have assembled that little airplane in five seconds flat. Cool, no?! I can't wait to write her back. She's such a doll! :D Note to self: buy more airmail envelopes.

^ Kendra sent me a wonderful newsy letter in this gorgeous envelope.

^ A great first letter from Mary, such a fun envelope.

^ This lady writes a good letter - Molly of Reclining While Dining (one of my favourite blog names ever, and a wonderful blog).

^ Another grandiose letter from Angelia of A Year of Letters. She sent me a great bundle of beautiful cards she has handmade, almost too precious to ever use!

^ One of the most moving, beautiful letters I have ever received. This letter should be framed! Jamie, if you're reading, I am so looking forward to writing you back :D

^ A great postal themed postcard from Pamela in San Fran - you must check out some of the beautiful mail she sends and receives at her blog. I'm going to find an equally cool postcard to send her back.

^ As always, something delightful from Sophie in Melbourne.

^ Amazing papery goodies that were in the envelope when Laura sent me back the travelling journal. WOW.

^ Aaron has returned to letter writing/blogging after a short break and I am so so so glad :D His letters make you feel so good and he keeps a wonderful blog. Thank you for a letter that made me laugh a lot Aaron!

^ Last but not least, something beautifully shiny (and hard to photograph) from sweet Shona.

^ I thought I'd send Em of Lick My Cupcakes a mix cd, though she does work in a cd/dvd shop and seems to have an extremely vast music collection/taste so I don't know if I'll surprise her with anything! Regardless it was fun to make!

^ Something a bit collagey for Jenn who was one of my partners in the Mix Share Swap. I picked up the gorgeous squirrel card from the gift shop at our local museum, that place is like Christmas.

^ An envelope I decorated (and hand delivered) to a girl named Ella.

^ A little something for one of my favourite New Zealand ladies, Stella.

^ For Marylander, Angela.

^ An overdue letter to lovely Monica.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend! :D (Oh dear, I must have said that phrase about 50 times today to customers! Once I leave work it takes me about five minutes to stop politely smiling at every person I see on the street, haha. And, I've started to hear the scanner beep in my every day life - it's following me!)