I started this travelling journal last November and it has travelled to about nine people so far and it just came home for a quick visit. The journal is mail themed and participants can add four pages (or more if they want to) each;

^ The beautiful package that Milly returned the journal to me in.

^ Front cover.

^ Inside cover (inside the envelope are the 'rules').

^ My two first pages.

^ My second two pages.

^ Next in line was Malu in the Philippines.

^ Malu's second pages.

^ Then the journal visited Tejal in New Jersey.

^ More of Tejal's pages.

^ Next in line was Sheba in Toronto, Canada.

^ Gorgeous pages by Sheba.

^ Beautiful contributions from Garci in Arizona.

^ More from Garci.

^ Gorgeous collaged pages by Gini in Virginia.

^ More from Gini.

^ Two great pages by James in Washington DC.

^ One more page from James (left) and one from Milly (right).

^ Milly documented her journey to the post box to post a package in photographs. So beautiful.

Of course, there are many lovely little details to each of the pages which a camera can't quite capture - lots of little pockets with notes in them and 3-d elements, but I'm sure you get the idea.

The website I originally had it hosted on is a little buggy and has deleted some of my participants so I'm kind of just swapping it privately now with some people who were originally signed up and a couple of extras. If you were originally signed up and you're still keen throw me an email. At the moment I'm not taking any more participants, though I'd like to. A couple of people kept the journal for several months and there were many times when it was awol and I assumed it was lost, so I'd like to just pass it around and monitor it to make sure it doesn't get lost in transit. When it has visited all of the people in line and there are still lots of pages left I'll open it up to sign ups again :)

Regardless, YOU should definitely start one of these yourself if you're interested, they are so much fun - a beautiful collaborative art project. Each person's pages are so different and personalised. When more people add pages I will do an update again. It was funny because when I sent it off it weighed almost nothing, but with many filled in pages this time it weighed almost three times heavier!