Little Sister

I don't often do these kinds of posts because I'm not certain how interesting they are to other people - regardless a camera empty was necessary, so here are a bunch of miscellaneous photos that have been floating around on my camera;

^ Freshly paint-chart decorated spokes.

^ My little sister riding my bike in our street when she and her friend Rokia were visiting us last week.

^ The travelling journal I started a year ago made a quick trip home last week and has since been sent off to another participant. I took photos of all of the pages which I am very excited about sharing.

^ Flower grass.

^ Lists of letters to be writ!

^ Kitty snooze.

^ My sister's flowered locks.

^ Sadly Katrina shut up shop selling her beautiful prints, but I nabbed a couple for a very good price. She also threw in pretty stickers and some of her lovely postcards. I am going to go op-shopping tomorrow and find a frame worthy of their gorgeousness.

^ C thought this was a photo worthy moment - me this morning prior to going to my job induction.

^ My sister likes to eat flowers?

^ Rokia, Sara and I in the park before we took a big trek around the city. Would you have guessed the blonde one is my sister? I wouldn't have (pssst... my hair was that colour when I was a kid, then I found hair dye).

^ A bouquet of flowers C's parents brought us from their garden. Whenever I write/say the word 'bouquet' I think of 'Keeping Up Appearances'.

^ My sister's pink shooz.

^ Sara and Rokia obviously very happy to be in Tasmania - I'm sad they're not still here! :(

^ Sister legs.