^ Graham and Green doormats.

I've been putting off writing this mail post because I knew I would have to preface it with a something that makes me pretty sad - I don't think that I can reply to all of the mail I receive any more. I currently have a list of letters to respond to which I can't imagine ever being able to catch up with - I have a pile of beautiful, thoughtful, well written, wonderfully decorated letters and not nearly enough time to devote the same amount of effort to each in my response. I just have to admit that I cannot respond to every item of mail I receive any more.

A year ago I could not have fathomed being the recipient of so many incredible items of mail every day from lovely strangers, I am so grateful and it brings me a great deal of joy, but also a few pinches of guilt for not being able to respond to letters quickly enough, always having a huge pile of unreplied mail and receiving angry emails from people asking why I've not replied to their letter yet. I don't want my favourite pastime to make me feel guilty and I don't want letters to take me four months to reply to either.

So, if you are considering writing me a letter, still please do! I will continue to reply to as many letters as I am able to - my reply may not be prompt, but it will be genuine. I believe you should give as good as you get when it comes to mail. I look forward to writing more letters and having more time for letters.

^ This little package made my week. I am so lucky to count Micaela as a friend. Her incredibly kind and sweet letter was accompanied by a big box of (now long since devoured) pop tarts, among other gorgeous things. I can't wait to find some goodies to send miss newlywed's way asap.

^ Kim wrote me an great little card and included an excellent zine she'd come across with Morrissey affront it. Thank you so much lady.

^ I bought a sweet Newcastle themed t-towel from Trevor Dickinson's Etsy and this was the great envelope it arrived in.

^ A very sweet first letter from Rachel.

^ One of the cutest Christmas cards I've ever received, from April.

^ Something very sweet from Lucia in Switzerland, my first Swiss letter.

^ A grand little package from Kelly - I so hope to meet her in person some day :)

^ My sister's best friend Rokia sent me the cutest package with a detailed diagram of all of the things they got up to when they came to visit me a few weeks ago. Too sweet :D

^ Sweet Malaysian miss Audrey sent me another beautiful letter.

^ A lovely handmade postcard from Heidi.

^ A gorgeous first letter from Annie in Russia.

^ A fabulous old-timey envelope from Melinda, I so look forward to her correspondence.

^ Something wonderful and colourful from Rashel.

^ A brilliant package from Linda in Georgia.

^ Beautiful mail art from my favourite South Australian correspondent, Bree.

^ A wicked little package from Patty in Virgina including a gorgeous red bag and some Halloweeny goodies.