^ Clare Owen Illustration.

^ Two postcards sent for my New Years Resolutions Postcard Swap. My resolutions are over side.

^ A little something for Kiyasu.

^ Two envelopes full of postcards for lovely Jess.

^ A swap bot mail out.

^ I saw the Send Me A Million Postcards project via Jane and thought I'd help in the pursuit of 1000000.

^ For my favourite Arizonian, Garci.

^ A box of little goodies for miss Lillabilly. I've been having a great time freehand cross-stitching in bed before I go to sleep, haha. It's my new favourite hobby.

^ A re-purposed postcard box made into an envelope for Linsey. I hope that koala holds his shape for the trip!

^ I reused a great box that Lillabilly sent me to send my lovely friend Sylvia some bits and pieces. If you're interested to know where the 'Love Your Tree' reference comes from, looky here.

^ And last but not least, a package for my big brother (his name is actually Luke Wade, not Luquade).

^ In other news, I bought a big red spotty bow and a big red vintage flowy dress this week and got called a Christmas Elf by passers-by.

^ Last weekend we went with C's parents to the Evandale markets and I picked up some sweet old postcards, 1950's sewing magazines and old Australian stamps.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend folks!