Photogenic Cats

I've been steadily increasing my vintage dress collection at a rate of about one per week and have found that they are the only things I wear these days (when I'm not in my icky work uniform). I picked up this sweet old blue patterned number at Launceston's sole vintage clothes store (I swear I'm single-handedly keeping it in business). I forgot to show how lovely its collar is (fold back, sailor-style). I love its pleats. About half an hour after leaving the house in this outfit I had change as it was way too hot. I cannot seem to find Summer-friendly vintage dresses!

My cats are very photogenic, without being asked. All three are pictured.

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa
Heart Headband: Gracie Bella Butterfly Etsy Store
Dress: Jon Paul Sydney (from Vintage Fair)
Belt: Rusty
Cardigan: Maxim
Bag: Gifted to me by Patty

Badges: Various

Ps. I just have to add that my mum sent me a message today telling me that I was "currently a cyclone menacing the Pilbara". 'Cylone Bianca' is swirling round the West Coast of Australia at the moment - I hope she's not too menacing and stays nice - no Cyclone Traceys or Hurricane Katrinas. Still, I'm honoured to have a cyclone bearing my name.