Vivienne Westwood & The Vintage Dress

I had been eyeing these (sold out) shoes off on the ASOS website for many months when I finally saw a reasonably priced pair on Ebay and bought them within a minute of spotting them. I could not resist having a mail themed pair of shoes with their big VW wax seal and upon opening their box they smelled irresistible, like bubblegum.

I have since found that whenever the shoes get hot (like when walking on bitumen) the smell of bubblegum wafts around. They arrived this week, on the same day that I found this fascinating dress at Launceston's one and only vintage clothes shop.

The lady working there seemed to think it was a 1960's patio dress that one would wear when entertaining outdoors (it extremely heavy and blanket-like). I am not fond of the top part of the dress and am thinking of taking it to be altered next week and getting it turned into a skirt. It is sad to alter it from it's original form, but the top falls down and is made of a very uncomfortable fabric.

I picked it up for $50 and although it is way too hot in Tassie at the moment to wear, I think it will be worth every cent in the Winter. I think the fabric has the most beautiful pattern and colouring I have ever seen.

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Anglomania
Dress: Vintage Fair Launceston
Stockings: Target
Belt: Rusty

And if you were wondering, I do have steps to nowhere at the back of my house (and please take no notice of my just-got-home-from-work hair).