^ source unknown! :(

I have received some of the most lovely things in my mailbox lately - here are just a handful of them - I must apologise that I can't post them all, I have far too many photos to post, but if you don't see your piece of mail here and you're worried I've not received it please send me a message.

Want to see all of the letters I must reply to? I adore every letter in this crate, though I'm sure you don't envy me!

+ I bought one of Vanessa Berry's fabulous zines and this was the vessel that carried it. Cute, no?

+ A fabulous postcard from Liz G - I love the colours!

+ A pretty little letter from my pal Min.

+ An amazing letter from miss Adeline. She wrote the letter on the back of each of those cards. Superb!

+ Very fun packaging for a great letter from Carrie.

+ A little piece of art from Ria.

+ A wonderful bit of mail from Sharni including a gorgeous little stamp tray, so good!

+ Lovely bits and pieces from Femke.

+ A little note from Marguerite, one of the loveliest pen-ladies I'm fortunate enough to receive mail from.

^ Honestly, the best package I've ever received - so many goodies. Elissa is to thank for this incredible package. Some of my favourite bits and pieces included the light globe earrings, the 'I (L) public transportation' badge and the eye charts!

+ A gorgeous ephemera pack I received from the lovely Ashley of A Catalog of Enchantments, too good!

+ My first bit of mail from Dre - so good!

+ Mail from Liz Gilkey does not disappoint. Amazing mail art skillz! Can you spot where my name/address is written? I couldn't! :D

+ A beautiful envelope from Brittany that arrived at my old address. Gorgeous.

+ A sweet postcard from the pen of Sheba.

+ A grand postcard from Allana (who I was lucky enough to meet up with a few weeks ago in Launceston - she and her daughter are gorgeous).

+ Another great letter from April - Morrissey the kitten seemed to like it too.

+ Words cannot describe how amazed and grateful I am to receive this beautiful camera from Blackbird Corner. Nici held a giveaway a few weeks ago wherein entrants had to send her something 'bird themed', my little bird embroidery was one of the lucky winners. I cannot wait to take this baby out! Thank you again Nici!

+ Some pretty postcards that have come my way lately.

+ Two postcards from Lauren in FL and one from Ashley in Cali.

+ Katyha crocheted me this beautiful heart garland which I quickly found a place for on my (partially repainted) wardrobe door. I am in love with the little pop-up man she included too. A fabulous letter accompanied the goodies.

Apologies for the ridiculous length of this post - in the future I think I will have to select a few incoming bits of mail and post them in a handful of posts!