A Papery Giveaway

I have a lot of papery things in my life. I thought it was about time that I did a bit of a de-stash and sorted out the over-flowing drawers, boxes and bags of papery bits around my desk. Would you like some of these papery bits and pieces? I have three packs of specially chosen quality papery bits for whoever would like them - to be used for mail art, collage, art projects or whatever you've got in mind. I thought of it as a mail art paper supply kit - nothing terribly fancy, but something I know I would enjoy receiving myself.

There is a small catch - a guessing game of sorts. You must guess how many letters I have to reply to in my letter pile - the number is between 1 and 100 and whoever guesses closest will receive a pack. Recipients for the other two packs will be drawn randomly. You may choose a number that has already been chosen by someone else (if a number that more than one person has picked is the right number you'll both get a pack). Make sense?

I have written down the winning number and have stuck it on my wall - this number will no doubt be larger at the end of this giveaway than at the beginning, but the number of items today is the winning number.

Each pack contains;
- at least 7 envelopes
- at least 6 postcards
- at least 20 miscellaneous paper scraps
- at least 5 stickers
- much miscellanea

Leave a comment on this post with your number guess. I'll announce winners one week from today [25th Feb] :)